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Midwifery Care

Lowcountry Midwifery is proud to offer compassionate, comprehensive, evidence-based midwifery care in the home setting to the women (and their families) of the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire. We believe that education and shared decision-making are the keys to having a healthy and empowered pregnancy and birth experience. Our prenatal, homebirth and postnatal care is tailored to suit the unique needs of each of our expectant mothers.

Currently Servicing the Following Counties:

SC: Beaufort, Jasper, Colleton, Hampton

GA: Chatham, Effingham

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Birth Doula with Couple

In-Home Prenatal Visits

Listening to Your Needs, Offering Our Knowledge

It is our goal to make this special time in your life the best and healthiest possible. All of your regular prenatal checkups and screenings, including advanced genetic testing, are conducted in your home. Ultrasounds and other specialized tests are referral based to outside facilities.

Delivery & Postpartum Support

Care for Mom and Baby

You midwife is here for you during and after delivery with one-on-one, fourth trimester support. Referrals to doulas and lactation specialist who offer a wide-range of services are available to aid with your specific needs.

Childbirth Preparation

Here for You through every aspect of Your Pregnancy

We provide you with the most current, evidence-based information regarding the health of your pregnancy and focus heavily on nutrition and body mechanics. We encourage and offer referrals for a wide variety therapies to ensure the body is in it's optimal state of health throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

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Maternity Care Packages

We do not participate with insurance however post completion of care, you will receive the required forms for insurance reimbursement. Your contract will provide you with several flexible payment plan options.

SC (Beaufort County) Base Price: $4,500
GA (Effingham County) Base Price: $5,000

Please note the following:

  • All maternity care packages include a non-refundable deposit.

  • Base prices are only applicable to clients within a 30mile radius.

  • Additional fees and requirements apply for first time mothers.

Services Include:

- Initiation of Care between 8-10wks of pregnancy with all In-home prenatal visits following the standard (ACOG) obstetrical schedule:

  • Monthly to 26wks

  • Bi-Weekly to 37wks

  • Weekly 37wks until delivered

  • Full Spectrum In-Home Prenatal Care

  • HomeBirth/Waterbirth

  • In-Home postpartum visits  

                                                 *SOUTH CAROLINA CLIENTS ONLY*

Additional Requirements Per SCDHEC Regulations include Co-care: Two visits with a South Carolina Licensed Obstetrician or Certified-Nurse Midwife

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Insurance Coverage

Lowcountry Midwifery Services does not currently accept any insurance for midwifery care. You may however, utilize your insurance coverage for laboratory work and ultrasounds. In addition, if you have maternity care coverage thru your insurance plan, you may be able to work with your insurance company after delivery to obtain reimbursement for fees paid.

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